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The R.I.P. Thread


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Oct 5, 2010
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A thread for the loss of famous people or other deaths anyone on here would like to mourn.

RIP George Cole. I used to love Minder when I was a kid.
Coming on here, stealing my ideas!

Yes, RIP "Arthur Daley",
I was a fan of Minder as well. George Cole played the part of Arthur Daley superbly.
My favourite role of his is still the spiv in the early St. Trinians films.
RIP to former Wolves player, Danny Hegan, 14/06/43 - 06/08/2015
RIP to former Wolves player, Danny Hegan, 14/06/43 - 06/08/2015

I have just seen this. Very sad news. Hegan was a decent player, but he could have been so much better if it wasn't for certain distractions. Ipswich Town probably saw the best of him, but at times at Molineux he looked like a very good player.

R.I.P. to another member of our seventies teams.
Saw him play a few times - as Frank says a decent player, but could have been much better.

Stephen Lewis who played Cyril "Blakey" Blake in On The Busses has passed away aged 88 RIP .... I hate you Butler!
It always used to make me think about On The Buses when we had Butler and Blake in the team.
It always used to make me think about On The Buses when we had Butler and Blake in the team.

I really liked "On the Buses" and poor old Blakey always ended up with egg on his face. Stephen Lewis played the character to perfection.
Stephen Lewis was a really good actor, he played Blakey perfectly in On the Busses and Smiler in The last of the Summer Wine. He certainly has left a legacy!
Yvonne Craig, who played Batgirl in the 1960's TV program has died, aged 78

Sad news, but as the headline said, "Joy is back with her Billy."

RIP Aylan.

Now stop talking shite Dave and do the humane thing and accept our fair share.
That image is heartbreaking. There is a certain irony that the same people describing ISIS as totalitarian murderers who must be defeated won't find it in their hearts to assist those that they are displacing. Meanwhile Nigel launches his no campaign on the back of "asylum seekers".
RIP former England goalkeeper and 1966 World Cup squad member Ron Springett.
Ron Springett was a very good goalkeeper, who would have won more England caps had he not been around at the same time as Gordon Banks.

RIP Ron Springett.
Former Somerset, Yorkshire and England cricketer Brian Close has died aged 84. He was the youngest man to play Test cricket for England and also played football on a few occasions for Leeds United, Arsenal and Bradford City. RIP
Brian Close was recalled by England to face the West Indiess, and Michael Holding really roughed him up, but Close did not flinch. The man knew no fear.