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The Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

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Oct 21, 2009
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Now that January has been and gone, I've been thinking recently about the exciting prospect of Fosun's first tilt at the Premier League and the sort of signings we can hope for, need or expect to make. And of course the possible standard of players we could be aiming for.

And of course FFP still applies albeit at a much increased value. This time it'll be £105m over 3 seasons that you are allowed to lose. But with the TV money of £100m+ per season coming in you can't really fall foul of it on transfer fees alone, it's when you let your wage bill spiral out of control a la Portsmouth that you get into serious trouble.

For our first season back in the big league, in my mind we should be aiming not just to survive, but for around 11th-13th place in our first season. Look at the current PL table and from 11th down it is very much of a muchness with plenty of very average teams who just do enough each season. We should be able to have a go at that for starters. I think Fosun will want to make a statement and a bit of a splash so I think we could quite easily spend £100m. Whether that's on 3-4 players or one or two outstanding "how the hell have we signed them" players is still to be seen.

So... Looking at the current squad, what do you think we will need to make sure we are competitive?

Gk - I think Ruddy and Norris will be fine for season 1

Wingbacks - Both need an upgrade. Whether that will be seen as a priority straight away is another thing. I'd say they're both equally in need. If Vinagre doesn't sign permanently we will only have one player on each side.

CB - We will need a quality signing to play alongside Coady and Boly IMO. I don't think we can get away with Bennett/Coady together at a higher level. This is very important for our chances of doing well. Nuno builds from the back so he'll already know this.

CM - Saiss has been excellent this season and his partnership with Neves is probably better than a lot of bottom half Prem teams have. Still, if we have serious intentions he'll need to be upgraded. Is that an all-rounder, a proper snotter (;)) or just someone else like Neves?

AM/Deep Lying Forward - We're pretty well stocked in this department with Cav and Jota both good enough to play in the Prem. It hasn't stopped rumours of other players being linked already though.

Striker - The key position we need to spend the most on IMO. If we are to be successful we need someone who can link play, has a bit of strength, and can finish. Andre Silva sounds good on paper if Milan want to let him go. I still personally want Aboubakar though. He has everything to be successful in the Prem. Mad skillz, strength and goalscoring.


With that in mind you could easily make a case for 6 new players coming in.


And let's not forget the loan players we need to make permanent. Boly and Jota for sure. Do we need to make either of Bonatini or Afobe permanent? You'd think yes to at least one of them. You're talking £30m for three players right there.

As I mentioned early on, we could easily end up spending £100m+ if we aren't careful. But do we really need major surgery in what is a pretty decent squad who many say could cope with the PL already? Will the owners or Nuno want to upset the squad harmony so massively, or will they have zero sentiment and be extremely ruthless? They were last summer, but you'll argue we needed it back then.

Players already linked:

Alex Telles (LWB)
Andre Gomes (AM)
Rafa Silva (AM)
Stefano Okaka (S)
Andre Silva (S)

Sorry for the long post, but I've had long (excited) thoughts!!
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Dream signings... William Carvalho, Alex Telles, Goncalo Guedes, Andre Silva.
Assuming we play the same formation and are genuinely targeting 9-12 rather than 17th then I think we should be looking at 5 new players to come into the first 11. In order of priority:
Centre Forward, Bonatini would be a decent back up for a few games if needed, but not as first choice, I'd happily buy him and spin him for a profit as well though. Afobe, just no.

Left Wing Back or Vinagre, Douglas doesn't give us enough attacking or defensive wise for such a pivotal position and you can't carry players for their set piece delivery.

Centre Mid, the role N'Daiye is supposed to do, but doesn't have the concentration levels to do so. I think we need a player that can break into the box to play alongside Neves which isn't really Saiss' game.

Right Wing Back, Doherty has surprised everyone this season, but we won't have the ball as often next year, he's improved defensively, but I wouldn't want him being run at too often in the PL and his crossing still isn't very good

Right/Left Centre Half, like Doherty Bennett has performed way above the levels I thought he was capable of, but we need to be looking to upgrade. I'd get the best player we can, be they left or right and play Boly on the other side.

At an average of £15m a pop plus Boly, Jota and Bonatini for a combined £30mish that's your £100m (and some) blown. I wouldn't be averse to a keeper upgrade either, but think Ruddy's experience could be invaluable, so at this stage I'd be happy to go with him. We will also sign a Dan Gosling type who we have been linked with to fulfill the 'Thelwell quota'.

In terms of departures, excluding the obvious who aren't around the 18 currently then I don't think we'll sign N'Diaye, Bright will go on loan to the Championship for the season, Miranda back to Portugal, German Phil paid off, Batth I think will be given a choice of a cheerleader role or a move to the Championship and choose the latter. I think we'll sell Hause as well. I don't think he'll want another season of stagnation, but might get him to stay if Batth and Miranda go.
I genuinely don't believe that any of the regular first team squad would let us down in the Premier League. Not with the standards Nuno expects, not with his coaching abilities.

That's not for one moment saying we shouldn't upgrade wherever and whenever we can, but even our wing backs I think would hold their own and yes, I'm including Doherty in that. Not for a top half push admittedly - but I don't want to get too carried away with regards to where we might end up. Let's just get over the line and enjoy this season first.
I would consider Davy Klaassen who could be available for a knock down fee from Everton, a player capable of linking Neves to the forward positions.
I would consider Davy Klaassen who could be available for a knock down fee from Everton, a player capable of linking Neves to the forward positions.

I don't think that's how our system works at all. The front 3 are fluid with two dropping off to link with Neves and the wing backs. If anything it is the box-to-box player like N'Daiye or defensive midfield stoicism of Saiss we would upgrade. A Fernandinho/ Doucoure (sp) player we need. If Delph could be relatively fit I would like to see a player like him.

I disagree with Langer's on both of our wingbacks as I think neither are good enough for the top flight in anything but a squad capacity.
I expect someone in top six may try to by Doucoure but if not - I'd be all over us trying to sign him ourselves. Quality player.
Also expect us to pick up a lot more Vinagre/Joao Carvalho type signings in the summer and see them sent out on loan to Championship clubs.
Pretty much agree with most thats been said.
Would keep both WB, however we need upgrades as first choices.
If we buy 1 1st choice striker there will be enough space innthe squad for both Bonatini and Afobe with Bright going out on loan.
Upgrade on Saiss
Upgrade on Bennett, however I have a hunch Miranda maybturn out to be a decent defender, so I would keep him and see how it turns out.
Would.like some cover for Jota and Neves
Yeah haven’t had one for YEARS!
Do we see MGW as potentially being one of a midfield two or should he be used further up the pitch?
One of the midfield two for me, with the ability to break forwards and support the attacking three.

I like Alf and I think he has made a positive contribution to the squad this season but I do not see us making his loan permanent. We will look to buy another quality CM but whoever that player is plus Neves, Saiss and MGW will be a good start for us. I still think Ronan can be a good option for us there too.

The new owner of AC Milan has just been forced to declare himself bankrupt. FIRE SALE

Andre Silva, come on down...
This thread is going to be the sexiest thread in TWF history..

The new owner of AC Milan has just been forced to declare himself bankrupt. FIRE SALE

Andre Silva, come on down...

Leonardo Bonucci does his best work in a back three...

Franck Kessie, Leo Bonucci, Andre Silva. Get on it, Jeffy boy! Ricardo Rodriguez wouldn't be a bad LWB, either. Maybe Mussachio or Romagnoli, too. Lots of good players they'll need to offload.
Kessie, Rodriguez, Silva would be fucking orgasmic.

Bonucci is rather less likely I feel!
Blimey - Milan have an OBLIGATION to buy Kessie from Atalanta at the end of his TWO YEAR loan. Surely we can take that off their hands. Just to help them out, like...
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