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Wolves 1-0 Palace: FA Cup Rd3 Verdict Thread


Contrary Mary
Oct 3, 2010
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Just watched it again - it definately goes over the defenders head, and then drops low.

Nope, was a replay with a wonderful view across the pitch that showed it really well. Ball was whipped in behind the defender and could see he was coming back towards his own goal to try and cut it out, stretching horizontally more so than vertically as it passed him.

The lateral movement was what caused the biggest problem, for both the defender and Silva, cut the former out completely but then Silva is slightly ahead of it's flight. If it's ahead of him the awkward height isn't much of an issue as he can just throw himself into the header but with the ball behind him he'd have to be throwing his body one way and directing the ball the other, very difficult.


Not English you say? Got my eyes on you then
Jun 10, 2011
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Not sure this is correct. Cutrone has made a living (prior to coming here) of scoring goals in the box. His movement in and around the box (and outside it) is decent.
Agreed his movement is good but watching Silva his movement is on a different level
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