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Nov 5, 2009
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We haven't got a dedicated Beer thread to the best of my knowledge. I'm a fan of beer. So I thought I'd start a thread about it.

One of the reasons is that I finally tried a bottle of Innis and Gunn last night. I know Wolf Hunting and DDW have spoken about it a fair bit. I was quite impressed actually - certainly better than the rest of the shitty lagers being served on tap (it was All Bar One in Brum - not my choice of pub but it was a mate's party).

Looking forward to some BATHAMS next weekend. Not had any in a few weeks now.
I think you should change it to 'Beer, Wine and Spirits'. There's more to the world than just beer!
Wye Valley HPA is one of my all time favs, although Bathams is very hard to beat.
I know fuck all about wine and spirits. I want to have a thread about beer.
Wye Valley HPA is one of my all time favs, although Bathams is very hard to beat.

They do a very nice pint of Wye Valley HPA at a pub not too far away from me. Doesn't beat Golden Glow, but I agree - very tasty.
Enville Ginger and Craddocks Saxon Gold are my current two favourites. Most places that sell either of these tend ot have a decent selection of other fine ales to sample also.
I quite like Craddocks actually. Their loyalty card is a good feature.
I was in Chester for a couple of days this week. Ale-tastic and a beautiful city. Mostly micro-brew stuff that i can't remember names of, but well worth a visit.
Chester is ace. I was born there.
Why did you ever leave? Samuel Smith = £1.68 a pint!
There is a public house in Ingoldmells called "The Countryman". In the restaurant they do excellent home cooked food. It also has its own brewery called "The Leila Cottage Brewery." The ale they produce is first class. My favourite is Lincolnshire Life, but there are other choices. I would recommend trying a glass of Leilas brew if in the area.
Because I was 4 and didn't have much say in the matter!
Not overly impressed by Bathams, I'm more of a pale ale man myself.

Glow obviously, Enville White and HPA are all good.
I would have thought you'd love Bathams if you like Glow.
Chester is ace. I was born there.

I had my stag do in Chester. My best man got arrested for walking through the Ladies toilet wall and beating up two bouncers. He didn't know what he had been arrested for until he saw the CCTV later.
Alternatively, The Fulstow Brewery in Louth produce a first class array of ales. My personal favourite is, Northway IPA.
No, definitely wasn't a mild. I'll have to try it when I'm next in the Western.