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Brentford match day thread

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Flaming Galah
Oct 30, 2009
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Western surprisingly busy already. First home game in what feels like ages so rather looking forward to this game.
So do I. Desperately looking forward to my next home match!
Come on wolves, we need a win now to be in contention
Martinez; Iorfa, Batth (c), Hause, Golbourne; Henry, McDonald, Coady, Ojo; Afobe, Le Fondre.
Ikeme, Doherty, Price, Wallace, van La Parra, Byrne, Enobakhare.

Price pays the ...er...price.
why has he been banned ? missed a lot last week being away.
Price a bit unlucky to be dropped after one poor performance but glad KJ hasn't gone mad and changed the team wholesale
Not surprised by Price being dropped, but it's not a decision I would have made. Having said that; Coady looked like the only glimmer of a bright spark vs Derby...
Disappointed to see Price dropped but always suspected it'd be sooner rather than later.
KJ wastes no time in giving Price the boot. Not sure what his problem is really. One poor performance in a game where no-one played well....
No surprises really Wallace and Price have been dropped. Lets hope Coady has learnt to pass to a gold shirt since his suspension.
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shame about Price, KJ seems to have some sort of block with him, but i'm not sure the results reflect that position.
I think KJ is probably jealous of Price's beard....
Yeah, let's ignore the two 3-0's and upturn in performances since Price's return and make a decision based on someone not playing terribly in a 4-2 defeat.
It just annoys me that KJ always seems to take the first opportunity to give Jacko the elbow.
Playing Power of Love at the stadium #BTTF
Not open for further replies.