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Brighton (A) 29/4: Build-Up & Match Thread

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We're going to have to get some loans in next year, there's no way we're going to be able to make enough through sales to do the kind of wholesale changes we need
Not for me, Edwards is barely a professional footballer. Guedes is at least a top level footballer in the Spanish and Portuguese leagues.

We'll agree to disagree here. I don't think Guedes is a top level footballer.
Nunes possibly the worst performance I’ve ever seen. Just bafflingly dreadful
Sa could have done better on the 2nd, and on the 6th he shouldn't have passed it back to Nunes, but he hasn't been at fault for any of the others?
He looked fine his first few games, but he couldn't play alongside Kilman. Has he even been given a go with Dawson?

I wouldn't be writing him off yet.

I wasn't that into him then, I said I was worried he was Titus Bramble type, who experience wasn't ever going to help despite seeming to have most of the physical tools you'd want of a CB.
Has Nathan Collins' 2nd half actually been worse than Matheus & Semedo in the 1st half? I can't decide
Awful yellow decision for Traore. Literally just jumped for the ball.
Not open for further replies.