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Brighton (H, FAC) 28/2: Build-Up & Match Thread

Jesus, it's annoying I was so wrong about so many things on here, but annoyingly right about the comment about "not needing to replace the minutes" of the out going strikers by saying it showed we'd learned nothing about the injury predictions and data.
However bad the 1st half was, the 2nd has somehow been even worse.
Strange how a team can improve so much when they play with 11 on the pitch

Need to be a bit more ruthless though
Oh good, diet-Forestieri off. My lil heart wouldn't have survived it if he had scored.
Bet Coventry are shaking in their boots. Bellegarde off, at last.
Id shift Doc over to the left for Bellegarde and bring Nelson on personally
For as poor as we've been in possession today we've still somehow been totally comfortable.

This thread would be dire if we were Brighton supporters.
Doc in a nutshell there, surprises everyone with some composed defending plucking the ball out the air. Passes it straight out of play.
We’ve just given up on offering any kind of attacking threat here & that usually only results one way. We don’t have the luxury of playing Sheff Utd every week.

Stupid tactics.

Attack v defence.

* as I type this we win our first corner of the game on 78 mins.