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Dean Watch.


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Nov 26, 2009
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Given that our much loved former manager is back in football, it is only fair that we track how he does.

First up for Dean is a home game game against Colchester United. Will his Crawley team get him off to a winning start?
He hasn't had time to work his "magic" yet. He didn't lose his first game here.
He hasn't had time to work his "magic" yet. He didn't lose his first game here.

Wasn't his first game at Wolves against Blackburn Rovers. I think it was live on sky sports.

Anyway he now has a chance to show what he can do. Things did not go too well for him at Molineux, so another club and a new challenge might be what he needs.
Obviously as official press officer I will be making a full statement on behalf of my client in due course, but first things first. The Crawley lads need to take this wisdom on board: if you're not fired with enthusiasm you'll be fired with enthusiasm. Plenty more where that game-changer came from...
Yes it was. O'Hara free kick just after coming on, for a Johnson goal. Making the 2 undroppable for everymore
Good God we were terrible in that Blackburn game. There was then a sizeable proportion of this forum who were enthused by us playing 1983 football with Jake Cassidy running the channels.

Colchester are poor but I'll be backing them like I'll be backing every team that plays against the worst manager in British football.
The verdict thread for that Blackburn game makes for grim reading.

Deano has examined the Crawley DVD's, has worked out where they've been going wrong and has been extolling the virtues of bringing all 11 men back for corners ahead of the Col U game today. The word genius is overused these days...
A heroic 0-0 at home to Colchester,excellent start Dean.
A point is better than nothing, though I imagine that Dean would have been expecting all three.
Did they have to drag him off the training ground for his unveiling?
Do we really need a thread to remind us about the Welsh fucking cunt.
Do we really need a thread to remind us about the Welsh fucking cunt.

Too right, doing my best to place him in the deepest darkest part of my mind along with cycling shorts & glen hoddle
No game next week for Crawley. It gives our Dean two weeks to get them ready.
If you don't remove this Frank I promise you will not get enough votes to get mod next time round xx
Dean's post match comments::

"We put a back four together today. Lewis Young played left-back and Marvin Elliott played centre-back and both have never played in the back four before. I thought they were both outstanding.
"In these two weeks I need to get players into the building because we are obviously short which I didn't realise. I also didn't know some of their names but they've had a go and we got a good point.
"I was asked to do the job by (chief executive) Michael Dunford and I knew John was ill and it's difficult circumstances and strange circumstances. John rang me himself and asked me would I help and I said if you give me the tools to make a difference then I will and they have ensured me I can make them better."
He tries so hard to be funny and likeable and just ends up spewing.

"I also didn't know some of their names", how unprofessional can you get? Moron.