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Fantasy Football League 2014/15

I've set up a team with this for the first time, & have joined up machin!
Should have done the Sky Sports one its on an app...
I was in last years and it's automatically put me back in, now to remember to keep an eye on it this year!
I will also do this again
Machin's side looks by far the strongest, I can see him topping our league easily.
I've renewed the TWF Fantasy League again - I completely gave up on it last year (having won it the year before btw...), so have no idea who even won! I'm hoping to stay a little more on top of it this time around!

If you were in the league last year you'll be automatically added - if not sign your team up here - http://fantasy.premierleague.com/my-leagues/70333/join/?autojoin-code=226791-70333

Good luck...
Oh good....Who won last year Will?
Was is Darlo???

Bloody hell, I need to up my game this year, fo' shizzle!
Well judging by the reaction either I did win (which I doubt) or Tony did (much more likely!) ;)
Sorry Darlo, it was the latter. The league has banned my team name "A Bunch of Dicko's", even though it's the same one I used last year. I re-entered it and they have banned it again for being indecent. Just goes to show the PL has no knowledege of football lower than it.
That's nothing. The Sun wouldn't let me use the word Nuggets as it apparently breaks their decency code.
Just because no one has mentioned it yet, I top the fantasy football league by 93 points...