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Fantasy premier league


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Oct 28, 2010
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Do we have a fantasy premier league league?

If not, would it appeal?

Machin has very kindly set the league up, the code is
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It should renew, I think?
I set it up, I think. I'll renew it in the next day or so and post the pin code in this thread.
If it would appeal to anyone, we *possibly* have one, maybe two PTG slots available. Got to get in quick though because we start in just over a week...
To the uninitiated what's the top line rules please? Do you need to be around at certain times, as that would rule me out?
Not really.

We'd need to get you in this week, get you initiated with the rules, and you'd need to take some action in the next seven days or so. But once we're up and running you get involved when you can. Just get your team in every Friday and that's the minimum required.

Sorry for briefly hijacking this thread but yeah, if one or two people want to join then we have the space. Just about.
One spot gone, one left. First come first served.

Literally one spot as well, you snooze then you lose, we don't have room for more than that.

Warning: If you apply then it means you have to talk to Jinky and Del more than is necessary.
Renewed the league this morning chaps. If you entered last year I believe you are automatically entered again once you set your team up again.

Any n00bs get your team sorted on http://fantasy.premierleague.com and use the league pin: 645468-153258

Good luck all.

Andy, do you want to add the code to your opening post of this thread to save this one getting lost in amongst the chat.
If the no felching rule is confirmed then I'll have a go please if the spare space is still available?
I'll grant you access, Tony.
If the no felching rule is confirmed then I'll have a go please if the spare space is still available?

And you're in.

That's us full up, so unlucky anyone else who wanted to have a go, your only way in is to murder one of the existing managers. I'll give you a list of priority candidates if you like.
I was hoping Ben and James would come back :-(
Just joined Machin's league after spending waaaaay to long picking my team