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FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Russia

The Bear

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Oct 21, 2009
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Saturday 17th June

Russia 2-0 New Zealand 16:00

Sunday 18th June

Portugal 2-2 Mexico 16:00
Cameroon 0-2 Chile 19:00

Monday 19th June

Australia 2-3 Germany 16:00

Wednesday 21st June

Russia 0-1 Portugal 16:00
Mexico 2-1 New Zealand 19:00

Thursday 22nd June

Cameroon 1-1 Australia 16:00
Germany 1-1 Chile 19:00

Saturday 24th June

Mexico 2-1 Russia 16:00
New Zealand 0-4 Portugal 16:00

Sunday 25th June

Germany 3-1 Cameroon 16:00
Chile 1-1 Australia 16:00


Wednesday 28th June

Portugal v Chile 19:00

Thursday 29th June

Germany v Mexico 19:00


Sunday 2nd July

Loser SF A v Loser SF B 13:00


Sunday 2nd July

Winner SF A v Winner SF B 19:00

Tiebreak Rules:[/SIZE]

The top two teams of each group advance to the semi-finals. The rankings of teams in each group are determined as follows:

1. points obtained in all group matches

2. goal difference in all group matches

3. number of goals scored in all group matches;

If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above three criteria, their rankings are determined as follows:

4. points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned

5. goal difference in the group matches between the teams concerned

6. number of goals scored in the group matches between the teams concerned

7. fair play points

- first yellow card: minus 1 point
- indirect red card (second yellow card): minus 3 points
- direct red card: minus 4 points
- yellow card and direct red card: minus 5 points

8. drawing of lots by the FIFA Organising Committee.
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Italy Vs Japan at the last tournament was a brilliant game of football. This one so far not so much.
Might have bounced in off Smith's arse, replay not entirely clear. Two pretty poor teams here.
NZ are a poor international side, I watched the Nordies easily outclass them a couple weeks ago (did only end 1-0), based on this Vlad will have to go heavy on the EPO over the next year if he expects Russia to be competitive in the WC
I wouldn't imagine the Oceania zone is particularly competitive especially since Australia don't play in it.
NZ are the perfect example of why extra teams shouldn't be allowed at the World Cup to accommodate all geographical locations.
New Zealand were unbeaten in their last World Cup..
Routine win in the end. Portugal v Mexico should be better tomorrow.
Told you. 1-1 so far with plenty of attacking.
Let's face it, it would have been tough to have been worse than yesterday. Two complete defensive clangers for both goals, it was also pretty pedestrian for the first half hour.
What the fuck does William Carvalho do?
The Mexico number 2 can fuck off there, turning his back on the shot. Flinching like a Mary-Ann.
What on earth was the ref looking at the video for?

The fact you have to sit there just listening to Clive for 2 mins is an instant no goer for me.
You definitely need to show the viewers and communicate with the fans in the ground what it is you're actually doing. You can't just have a long shot of the monitor room and we all have to guess for a couple of minutes.

I would go down a similar road as cricket (if we are going to stick with this) and give the captain/manager one challenge a game. If you challenge and you're successful you keep it, get it wrong and you lose it, no more all game.

Good match that.
Poor 2nd half I thought, neither side overly interested in winning what with the result yesterday. Draw a fair result, hopefully the Chile v Cameroon game will have a little more attacking intent.
Watching the goals back, Fonte did a pretty good Danny Batth vs Norwich impression on the equaliser at the death.