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History of Wolves games live on TV?


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Oct 15, 2015
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Hi folks,

Does a historical list of Wolves games shown on TV exist?

I'm specifically looking to find out if the 1994 FA Cup replay at Ipswich was shown on Sky Sports. Can anyone recall?

Many thanks.
Yes, I've seen that. It's from a BBC highlights programme that night.

So, the game was either live on another channel (Sky no doubt) or it wasn't shown live at all. Anyone know which it was?
It was shown live on Sky and the highlights were shown on sports night that evening I think.
Lee Mills's debut
Thanks JD. That sounds about right. I think I can safely assume that this was the case then. If anyone knows any different, do let me know though.
Very weird season was the 93/94, very up and down in the league which lead to Turner leaving and being replaced by Taylor all mixed in with a good cup run knocked out on live TV at Chelsea.