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Keir Starmer at it again..

Finally got round to disowning him. The inertia is just silly.

Owen Jones is still a prat.
In Galloway’s mind. He is standing but the Labour candidate will probably still win even without party support. And then he will be suspended from the party and deselected for the general election.

Nobody comes out of this looking good and Sunak using it as a chance to score points on principles is a bullet that could have been avoided, and also rather ironic with his record.
He certainly isn’t relevant to the current scandal so using a photo where they appear to have been on the same platform when Corbyn isn’t even in the party any more is very unfair and casts aspersions that the nasty Hamas-loving Mr Corbyn somehow put him up to it, entirely without either foundation or evidence. Piss poor by Channel 4.
This is my worry about what comes after Starmer. Far right on the rise in Germany.

I suspect that depends on your age at the time. I was 18 and it was the first time I could vote, did a bit of door knocking too and got caught up in it.

I think the age profile of Times readers in 97 probably matches that of posters on here in 2024 with commensurate different expectations and experiences.
Blair was aggressively attacking the govt and they had some solid policy commitments in their manifesto released in 96. I'd agree there was huge enthusiasm for change rather than Labour per se but there's none of that today.
Not a huge enthusiasm for change….?