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Lancaster Wolf


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Jul 26, 2016
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Hi everyone, Jordan here.

New to the forum so I apologise if this is posted in the wrong section!

Long story short - lifelong Wolves fan (albeit estd. 1992!) who now lives in the North West, namely just outside Lancaster.

Was looking to find out whether there was anyone relatively local who travels down to matches, whether home or away, and would be willing to give a fellow fan (with fuel money!) a run down to the occasional match.

My old man and I used to travel down and stay at my Grandad's in Wolvo when we made the visit but sadly he's passed so it ends up being a rather expensive day out.

I did email the Wolves directly to see if there were any official coach trips from places like Preston but to no avail.

Looking forward to an exciting season ahead and hope to hear from you.

All the best.

Jordan/Lancaster Wolf
I get the train down from Glasgow and that stops at both Lancaster & Preston. If you get a 16-25 railcard & book the trains early enough (got to watch out for Sky moving the fixtures obviously) they're cheap as chips.

EDIT: Welcome to TWF, btw!
If you tweet @OfficialWolves asking the question regarding a lift they "might" retweet it.
Welcome to the forum mate. This in no way helps but I lived in Lancaster for a while!

Fingers crossed you get sorted
Welcome, fellow Wolves supporter.

You've joined at exciting times.
Welcome to the forum. I spent 3 years living in Preston as a student. Again, this doesn't help you now though, sorry!
Indeed - welcome Jordan. If you get tickets and are coming down by train post it on here and I am sure some of us will be able to make you welcome.
In a Deliverance kind of way...
Thanks for the warm welcome (minus the Deliverance comment.. :icon_smile:)

I'll certainly post when I'm due to come down next. Would be good to meet some of you for a beer of several.

Exciting times ahead at Molineux. UTW!