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Pre-Season 2016/17 Season


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Aug 10, 2011
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Too add to as the fixtures come in. Wonder what "big" home game we will get....

1st Team
July 15th - Crewe (a)
July 18th - Cork (a)
July 23rd - Port Vale (a)
July 26th - Northampton (a)
July 30th - Swansea City (h)

Development/U21 Team

July 9th - AFC Wulfrunians
July 12th - Heather St Johns
July 16th - Hednesford_Town
July 18th - 22nd - Holland Tour
July 27th - Birmingham City U21
July 30th - Corby Town
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It will be somebody like Levante.

Leicester are in the States so no chance.

It will either be someone like Stoke or, as you say, some low end Foreign team
Friendlies against Crewe and Port Vale announced for 15th and 23rd July respectively.
Great i hope we can get a draw from one of them.. ;)
Wolves ‏@OfficialWolves 1h1 hour ago
Wolves' pre-season friendly at @CorkCityFC has received FAI approval and will take place on Monday, July 18th. 7.45pm
I wouldn't read too much into that. One small bet and we would be up to 20/1 sixth or seventh favourites.

What it really shows is that the division is expected to be absolutely wide open.
Highly unlikely but they will be at the top of the betting until the playoffs are sorted. Villa have odds of 14/1 so hardly cast iron!
I am surprised we are playing Port Vale, given the trouble there a couple of years ago.
Also I doubt that all three relegated clubs will go straight back up.

Completely agree - I certainly wouldn't take a short price about Newcastle. But bookies clearly don't expect Wolves to be spending much this summer...
Jez knows Wolves won't be Spending much this summer so the Bookies are on the ball.
Jez knows Wolves won't be Spending much this summer so the Bookies are on the ball.

I suppose if we get a new owner, who gets shot of Moxey and KJ, and gives the new manager a few bob to spend, then we would be expected to get in or around the top six.

A lot of ifs and maybes there though.
A new owner is the key to us going forward regardless of any other actions

The new owner doesn't auto mean handshakes and best of luck speeches for Jez & KJ though (it should but no guarantee)
I think next season hangs on how advanced we are at being taken over. If we're still courting potential investors (which I personally think we are) then I doubt we will have any change or real chance of success next season.

If we were in advanced talks with a single party then there may be some chance for the season, at the moment theres not much positivity looking forward until the ownership situation is resolved for me