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Reading v Wolves - Matchday thread

Parkins left foot

'Quirk's Gay Game Winner'
May 11, 2012
Reaction score
Balanced setup against a team that will try to play football

They have improved so need we need to play to our capability, but if we do we will win

Whatever one thinks of the minutes silence well after the actual day that was well respected

We have started - Wolves fans already making themselves heard!
Cav injured. Trying to carry on but looks like he won't make it.

Time to step up, Bright/Costa.
injured after 5 minutes - wtf happened ? bad tackle ?
injured after 5 minutes - wtf happened ? bad tackle ?

Overextended himself making a tackle, looked like to me.

Still on though so maybe he's run through it.
do we have no-one doing match day report

I am here, but went out to refresh my drink - Bennett gets a final warning for a rash challenge

Reading on top at the moment - need to get a grip of the ball at the moment & calm things down somewhat
Reading corner - need to get through this period with no goals conceded

Quick break off that - Cav gets it to Leo, but cannot get a decent shot in
Cav looks okay now, so false alarm on his injury.
Goal Wolves

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Oh my word, what a goal.
Cav - goal

So much talent - they won't keep us out

Under the cosh from the start of the match - still score first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do we have no-one doing match day report

I can chip in if something of interest happens like that!

Cav seems to have shaken off any injury and getting a great little ball ball from a jinking Jota (Jinking Jota??) he advanced with confidence and with the keeper coming out, he rolled his foot over the top of the ball waltzed around the keeper and stroked it into an empty net.... Dynamo Dave must be sick!
Get in.

Lovely pass from Jota and very calm finish from Cav after rounding the keeper.
Trouble is I think I'm a bit behind Peter and about 6 minutes behind Alan in the states who's forked out quids to watch the game...
Reading are still dangerous so need a couple more of the Cav goal to make this really safe - Wolves Player dropping out regularly so I maybe less effective for the rest of the match