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Recent Website Slowdown?


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Feb 13, 2012
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Last night after the match ~ 2200 UTC I was receiving time out errors on this website.
This morning, ~ 1030 UTC I have also been receiving bad slow down. Currently on a different PC and IP from last night so I don't think it's isolated to my home PC.

Anyone noticing anything?
Yeah, it's running slow for me at the moment.
We're looking into it. Promise!
I can assure all members of TWF that Frank is NOT on the case!!
Aye it keeps timing out for me - used to it now though!
We know, and we know it's slower at certain times and we are looking into it.

(I'm using the 'Royal we' because personally I haven't a clue!)
Me too.
I just had to wait for nearly 3 minutes and then got a window, all white and in a box said, no information received.
So I closed it down and reopened it, but it is so slow I couldn't be arsed after 1130.

This took over 2 mins to appear then vanished... 'No data Recieved'.
Closed TWF down and restarted to paste this back in....

Not good.