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Sako signs 12 month extension

april fool?
If it is then its not funny.
april fool?

My first thought but is that something they would do to the fans? If it was in the B&S i'd agree.
Perhapse Sako has signed the extension as a way of thanking the club and fans so that we can get some cash from his sale should we fail in our promotion attempt.
Looks to me as someone has just messed around with the forest http link, it 404s too.
Top link now not opening....Shitty thing for the club to do

Edit; If the club HAS done that
Brighton's about introducing goal music wasn't bad either.

Wolves one a few years back about Hahnemann flying the team to newcastle away was very good I must say. Fooled me to start with!
haha! I remember that one.
Orlando's prank had me going for a minute.

This thread was seasonal and meant as a semi-serious comment based on KJs statement that even if we stayed in the Championship next season, that we would remain an option for Sako. :crossfingers: