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Signed Wolves shirt auction to raise money for kids football team


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Oct 16, 2009
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Chaps and chapesses, this shirt is being auctioned to raise funds for my lads football team.

Current bidding is 30 quid, and the auction ends tomorrow evening. Anyone who wishes to bid, PM me your maximum and we'll see how we get on....
Hmmm, you got the away shirt? :icon_wink:
Yeah, that'd be grand. Ta.
Highest bid is now at £60, well on Twitter at least.
What time does it finish and does it include Sako?
Not sure - the auction is tonight, but I suspect there wont be many folk at a surrey sports club who'll want to bid on a WOlves shirt...
Apparently yeah, it is signed by Sako
That's him on Twitter. I think he posted about 'retro shirts' on here too.
Ah, just seen it. So he's the high bidder at sixty quid.