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The " Honey I'm home and I'm bloody starving , what's for dinner " Thread.


Stinks of Kenny
May 17, 2012
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We have had a breakfast thread, a lunch or packed lunch thread, so here's a dinner one ( dont think we have one ) We might even pick up some ideas from each other ,and try other things from the mundane weekly borefest that dinner sometimes becomes. No pictures though, as we dont want to appear sad bastards like on Facebook. All you do is post what you have had , or going to be having :)
Steak, homemade chips and green bean salad.
Last night I made grilled Cajun tiger prawns, sweet potato mash and chilli fried veg, accompanied by crusty bread. Followed up by a tropical fruit Solero!
Off to the fish market this morning to get tonights dinner. Mussels in ginger & garlic, and a piece of crusty bread.

( although Toon's Cajun Tiger Prawns sounds tempting )
last night, knackered after working a long day i was looking for something easy to cook.

Potatoes boiled in the jackets then peeled, butter smeared all over, peas and three fried eggs on top, followed by the very last of my HP sauce.
Gourmet? ....NOT!! Tasty?....The dog's bollocks!
We have dinner at 'lunch time' and tea at 'dinner time'.

old school.
Doing my home-made lasagna this evening. A meal I really enjoy making and eating. I must be about 20% Garfield.
I love lasagne but never had a go at making it. A lad at work makes his own and I commented that he had used no egg for the sauce around the pasta layers. The ones I buy all seem to have an eggy sauce on top. Do you Pad?
I cheat on the bechamel and use a pot. I could make it myself I guess, but really when the Morrisons one is absolutely fine, I save the effort.

Saying that, I would NEVER use a sauce mix for the bolognese bit. Honestly, it is tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, red wine, a load of ketchup and puree and some herbs. A doddle to do in your sleep so why pay Ragu for the pleasure of a considerably poorer sauce?
My Missus makes a cracking Lasgne, as for myself I've never ventured further than the Microwave.
I had no idea it was called bechamel or it has no egg!

Bolognese sauce is too much hassle to make myself when the ones you buy taste perfectly good.
Ketchup?! What the fuck?

Carrot, celery, onion, pancetta, mince, tomatoes and nutmeg. That is all.
Last night's tea - T-bone with salad.

Tonight's tea - prawn/crayfish balti.
Ketchup?! What the fuck?

Carrot, celery, onion, pancetta, mince, tomatoes and nutmeg. That is all.

ketchup gives it a sweetness that I like. You forgot basil and oregano, plus bay leaves as well.
Definitely ketchup! (Not so) secret ingredient!
acts as a bloody good thickening agent so it saves flouring the mince. Everyone's a winner.

This one smells exquisite already. Boatload of garlic in though so Squeeze might not be speaking to me later.
I doubt that will be down to the Garlic TBH......
Well I thought we were having Fish for tea, but then I realised the Missus hadn't changed her pants.
I forgot the wine. A ragu shouldn't have herbs in it.