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The " Honey I'm home and I'm bloody starving , what's for dinner " Thread.

My dinner resembled a plate of various sized vaginas swimming in a juice.

Tomorrow will be fillet steaks on the barbie with some nice prawns in garlic and chilli butter
Same as Paddy, a barbie ( and probably a few too many beers :) )
Trying my hand at making home made falafels this afternoon, haven't made them since we left the UK.
Well I thought we were having Fish for tea, but then I realised the Missus hadn't changed her pants.
Just noticed BadWolfs banned. I didnt think the fish remark was that bad :(
Have a beautiful slab of Wiltshire gammon from a nearby farm shop (with fried eggs & potato wedges)

Like Pav - not gourmet, but superb. Meat from this source is always an incredible quality & doing my bit for global warming as it only has about 10 food miles on the clock.

Washed down with a very palatable Sicilian red - looking forward to this.
Couldn't get fillet steaks, so I will have to slum it with sirloin steaks instead.

Couldn't get fillet steaks, so I will have to slum it with sirloin steaks instead.


No, slumming it is mine. Hot dogs, burgers, kebabs, and marinated honey and mustard chicken breast on sticks , corn on the cob, and homemade 3 coloured potato salad :)

#slummingisfun :)
I'm not a fan of potato salad. Too stodgy. Give me Florida salad all day long.
Bear, I put chopped celery, red onion and green grapes and dill cucumbers in mine , so not really a traditional potato salad. Oh , and plain yoghurt.
I'm actually very pleased with the steaks I have got. Nice and thick so I will be able to have them very rare in the middle.

Bearnaise sauce

Plus some nice garlic butter prawns to create the surf and turf.

Om nom nom
Moroccan kebabs with pitta, dips and cous cous. Was delicious! No vampires will be troubling me tonight, I smell positively French.
Got a cod fillet in the fridge. Probably bake it with lemon, garlic and parsley and some buttered new potatoes to go with.