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The Summer 2024 Transfer Thread.

The Spanish teams that might want him can't afford what we'd ask.

It's why we're stuck with that wanker Guedes for at least a year, probably two.
Nice little video but they've done ones like this with Morgan Gibbs-White & Patrick Cutrone so it doesn't really mean anything.
I don't know much about how that stuff works but assume there's some contractual obligation, so that even if Yerson hadn't really wanted to do it, would he have had a choice?
What an amazingly odd player to be involved in transfer saga. Love it
Takes something to being able to take the piss when the valuation has been set at £1m, so fair fucks to Arsenal for achieving that.
At least it makes a bit more sense on their end why they'd agree to take less of a cut. Clearly won't make up the difference but get football related stuff out of it.