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Welcome to Wolves Will Norris


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Aug 10, 2011
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3 year deal with an option for a 4th
An experience goalkeeping back up, welcome Will
Excellent. I wanted two keepers and we've got them.

Ruddy Jr to have a full season in the U23s and then we'll see where he is.
Willcome. I did it.
Bang. That is the goalkeeping hole caused by Carl's dreadful news plugged. Excellent that Fosun have moved so quickly to do it.
Welcome to Wolves Will.

Will, Barry, Ruben, Willy, John, Ryan, Phil... I approve of the old timey names.
Sorted. We've certainly been methodical and clinical this window, two strikers rocking up next.
Carlsberg don't do transfer windows.
I have seen a bit of him last season. He looks the part. He was a key member for Cambridge. Won them more points than the ones he cost. Consistent dependable and obviously playing below his ability in my view. Nice age too. Could be a bargain
Been monitored by the big clubs for some time.

All the attributes and a phenomenal penalty saver. I think there's a question mark still over his kicking which has probably stopped one of the big guns stepping in thus far.

If he works on that and irons it out the sky's the limit.
Wonder then if we'll start with Norris and have Ruddy as the backup?
One proven keeper and one young keeper with a lot of experience at football league level to back him up, excellent work Wolves. It leaves Jack Ruddy able to play a full U23 season which will be good for him. Striker next please Fosun :)
Things are going crazy....a Thelwell signing is making people happy. Go home TWF you are drunk....
Welcome to Wolves Will, very happy with both signings, we are stronger in almost every department now. Another CM and a ST and I will be over the moon.
It'll be John Ruddy to start, Norris as backup/cup games, and one of Jack Ruddy/Burgoyne will go out on loan (probably Burgoyne) while the other will stay with the U23s (probably Jack Ruddy).

John Ruddy won't have that many years left ahead of him, one of our younger crop should be looking to claim the gloves - notwithstanding what happens to Ikeme - a season or two from now.