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Where will we finish 2015-16

Where will we finish?

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Well with a couple of weeks to go its about time to post this thread again. Most of us called it about right last year but what about this year? Are we better? Will we hang on to KMac? Do we want to? Is Coady the answer?

I am going for top 10 again. I think we are weaker in parts than last year and lack real squad depth but we have a young and hungry quality that can be good. Dont think we will get 78 points this year though.

More draws this year and probably around 65-70 points would be my guess unless we sign stellar signings in the next few weeks!
Playoffs for me, I just can't see us missing Sako that much. Afobe I think will bag 25+ this season.
Depends on the next month to be honest, who else we lose and who we bring in.
Same as last season unles the squad is improved for me.
I always have aspirations for us to finish in the top two, but I've gone for playoffs this time around. Sako's contributions will be hard to replace and it's been a disappointing recruitment drive so far.
I have put top 10, I think that a few others have closed the gap on us and that a few others have made the sort of quality signings that we won't be able to match.
Middlesbrough and Derby are Stronger than last year, Hull theoretically have a strong squad but I'm not worried about QPR or Burnley.

With Sako gone and Kmac in the balance you'd have to think think that a playoff challenge is the best we can hope for. Hopefully some movement in the market and contract negotiations help change my mind.
Going to hold off voting for a while, too much is up in the air as it stands.
Middlesbrough undoubtedly stronger than last season - some suggestion this morning that they're going to sign Rickie Lambert
Middlesbrough undoubtedly stronger than last season - some suggestion this morning that they're going to sign Rickie Lambert

Can't see that. Plenty of suitors in PL and it's not like they could pay him more than say Villa.
Not interested in anything below a promotion challenge so I've opted for the cautious vote of the play offs.
I think we will get at least the play offs, we still have a good back 4 and a good championship keeper along with 2 of the best strikers in the league and i think that is being forgotten. Yes there is a bit of uncertainty about our midfield but it's still good enough to hold it's own especially with the additions of Coady and Wallace although i still think we need another couple of signings. I'd like us to make a signing that signals our intent a bit like Boro seem to be doing but i'm not sure it will happen.
Midfield is a major weakness for me. With Sako gone, KMac all over the place and the likes of Tommy Rowe nudging closer & closer to the first team, in my opinion, we're weaker than last season and we don't have the 'surprise' factor of being a newly promoted team.

I think we'll be in and around the teams chasing a play off place but unless we strengthen the midfield areas, we'll just fall short.
I don't think there was ever a surprise element with us, as a club we consistently challenge for the top six in this division, have done for over 20 years and we only dropped into League One because of serial ineptitude.

I expect a similar number of points to last season as it stands, I don't think for a minute the squad will be exactly as it is now in two months' time either.