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Will Leicester City win the premier league?

Will Leicester City win the Premier League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 13 31.0%
  • No

    Votes: 29 69.0%

  • Total voters


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Nov 26, 2009
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Will Leicester City win the Premier League? They have not fallen away as most thought they would, so could they actually do it?
As I said on the Live Match Thread, they could but don't think they will. A 10 point cushion over 5th gives them a tremendous chance of the CL though.
It's only January. Still plenty of time for them to fall away. Might cling on for too 4 if United continue to fuck up.
Top 4 yes title no, still have a feeling City will pull through in the end.
It's only January. Still plenty of time for them to fall away. Might cling on for too 4 if United continue to fuck up.

I doubt they will be clinging on. Ranieri wants a top two position, and it is entirely possible. Teams are dropping points, but Leicester just keep on going. I cannot see them winning the league, but they will not go away, and very rarely lose. So they must have a chance.
Hoping Spurs win the league.
I've gone with yes! :D
They were poor today but with all of Wilshere, Coquelin, Cazorla, Alexis and Welbeck to come back I'll stick with Arsenal.
Hoping Spurs win the league.

Me too, but Spurs being Spurs they will probably miss out on the best chance they have ever had of winning the Premier league. And one of their title challengers, Leicester City, recently beat them at White Hart Lane.
If Wenger can't win it this season he should go, it's as good a chance as they've had in years.
I reckon City will end up winning it, top 4 likely to stay as the ones there right now in a different order
I think Spurs have the best manager in charge out of all the top 4 sides. Just don't have the strength in depth that City or Arsenal do.
My mate who has been going to Spurs for 35 years, says they are playing the best football he has aeen Spurs play. He is convinced they will win the league. I think Man City will.
Call me cynical, but I get the feeling that if Leicester do win the league, the season will be remembered as the year the big five fucked up rather than the year Leicester did something positive.
I highly doubt that Leicester will give a fuck.
Aye, but they deserve better if they sustain this.
Yes they do i agree with that.
Doubt they will, depends on injuries for them, they have been lucky so far this season 23 league matches and 8 players have played 19 or more games, lose Vardy or Mahrez for any period of time and I think that might be it for them, plus no guarantee with that workload some of them will start to find it hard going. As others have said still looking good for CL place which will be a great achievement.

Hope Spurs win it myself
To be fair, Ranieri dropped Mahrez at one point and Vardy has had injuries already. I think more importantly if they lose Kante they are in trouble. He is fantastic.
I'd like to see:

1. Spurs
2. Leicester
3. Citeh
4. Arsenal

But I think it might be the reverse.