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Goal of the month 2016/17


Housecoat, la
Mar 12, 2010
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Rather than a new thread every month, how about we pop each selection in 1 thread across the season?
Here are Augusts 11 options for selection:
Mason. Stunning goal.
Mason but a mention for the goal against Crawley for the team effort.
Bod against Rotherham for me, with a mention for Mason's against B'ham.
Both of Bods, Doherty's and the Crawley team goal were all good, but Mason at Blues has to win it
Mason at Blues closely followed by Bod against Rotherham and the counter attack goal against Crawley
I'm with Dino, as much as I love Mason's goal, Bod's finish at Rotherham was sublime. That gets my vote.
Bloody hell, there's more goal of the season worthy efforts than the whole of last season,
Masons against Blues for me but special mention for both goals against Rotherham and Dohertys
Mason v Blues, great control and a brilliant finish. Just Bod's v Rotherham, to finish like that from that angle was sublime.
No one going for Coady's header then :)

Mason v Blues to win, though a mention for Doherty's blast against Reading for the sheer power of it
Mason at Blues for the actual goal, wouldn't have believed he had that in him after the first half.

Jon Dadi's at Rotherham for the significance of maintaining the feelgood factor a close second.
Echoing most, Mason at Blues, stunning goal

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