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New Kits 2016/17

Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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Usual drill, always enjoy these threads.

Stoke to kick it off:



I don't like plain white backs on a striped shirt, looks shit. Away kit is nice though:

Commentators prefer white backs on striped kits.
Smooth by Oscar and Cahill :icon_lol:

Alos, the Liverpool players look CGI'd....?
That Leicester shirt would look great in gold and black
I clearly don't pay enough attention as they all look the same as this year's kits!
Ipswich... WTF???

Those Leicester players couldn't look more awkward if they tried
Costa looks such a massive bellend in that Chelsea shoot.
Costa always looks like a massive bellend. Also, isn't it pretty standard anyway that most footballers look like bellends in any kit shoot where they're supposed to do all the cheesy 'ard man poses.
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Albion players seem to be showing their feminine side though...
The Liverpool one looks ok, the Leicester one looks dreadful - I despise the collar!

The Chelsea one is meh, tried to be interesting with the lion but it doesn't work for me and the Sunderland shirt looks like all Sunderland shirts!
Would be ok with bet365 for us instead of money*****
What's wrong with it?

The tacky rainbow bit I suppose. If that wasn't there it'd be classic Ipswich.

The worst thing about it is the blue shorts though. Ipswich don't play in all blue, they play in blue & white. They just look like PoshLite now.
Leicesters shirt looks really nice... Chelsea are charging over £100 for their new shirt.
£55 for the standard. Over £100 for the exact one the players wear. Similar to British Lions rugby kit.