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New Members of the backroom staff


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Aug 10, 2011
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Julio Aibar as first team coach and Joao Lapa as Rehabilitation Coach.

Been a busy day indeed
Yep, I had wondered who the Pirlo lookalike was on the video they posted earlier

Exciting times
You mean to say we're allowed to have more than four coaches in charge of the senior team at any one time?!

Long overdue. I really don't understand why we've left that side of things so light for so long. Especially with Lambert blithering on last season about how it was impossible for him to look after our squad that was the size of the cast of Ben Hur*. Bring someone else in then, dummy.

Still wouldn't surprise me if there ends up being a further Steve Hodge type appointment - maybe even the bushy haired maestro himself in an emotional return to Compton - when we're left with a load of unsellable dross that we want playing no part with the rest of the first team. Because sadly, we won't be able to sell everyone that we want to go.

*This was patently bollocks anyway
i always used to think the same when Lambert kept wittering on about the size of the squad but thought it was just me
These crazy foreign types and their mad ideas

Whoever thought more coaches would be better for the club. Bizarre out there thinking that'll never catch on.
Oh fucking joy, way past time this was done.
Any ideas where they've been before?

Can't find anything on them. Sure someone on here will know or do a more indepth search than me (which involved Googling them and then tutting and giving up) or hopefully something more from Wolves tomorrow inbetween C&P good luck messages to those departing the club
Who cares where they have been before, click staff search, sort by coaching outfield players and hire anyone with a 17 or above and is currently unemployed. The old CM3 method of management!
great news. he says he wants to improve players' performance and hopefully we are seeing a strategy to match the words. it beats "young and hungry".