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Nottingham Forest Matchday Thread

Forest not sitting back at all but it's leaving gaps Jota a little wide to score but a nice move.

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Forest had a decent win in their last game so don't expect them to sit back & defend seeing as they are at home.

Hopefully gives us space in their half to do them damage
Cheeky Meg from Doc there set up nicely for Jota who blazes over bar

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Leo almost onto a through ball from Neves - good movement by Leo, just a fraction too much on the pass
Possession is almost 50/50 but it sounds like we are trying to get in behind their defence a bit more
Impressed with Forest they are playing some lovely stuff need to dig in and get our football going.

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All forest at the moment our passing has been poor so far

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Cav has given the ball away about 5 times now, he needs to step up
Cav blazes over from a good position after a coady interception
Coady wins the ball well, out to Jota who feeds Cav, but his shot is well over - decent break & needed to test the keeper