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RIP Danny Hegan


You OK Hun?
Jun 10, 2011
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Thought this deserved it's own thread.

A player who was an hero of mine, and a member of our Uefa cup final team.

Condolences to his family
RIP Danny

Still say I could play snooker better, but I couldn't drink like Danny

Known as "Guinness" in his wolves days, (especially in the Lafayette) a great fella and a great player, RIP Danny.
Many years ago played a sunday morning football match against Phil Parkes' team on a mud heap pitch in Wolvo. Danny Hegan was there to watch with his young children and was encouraging them to try and roller skate down the touchline !
Great footballer with good passing range.
I remember Danny used be a mate of the boss of the Lord Raglan, it's been known for him to drink till early morning and go straight to training.