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Thank You


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Jan 25, 2012
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Over the last five years I have been posting each episode of Wolves Fancast on this fine forum.

After creating the podcast in 2007 for a brief time and re-launching it in 2010, the end of this season marks the end of my time with the podcast. It's been absolutely great and it has achieved more than I could have possibly imagined.

The podcast will still be around next season. But I just wanted to say thank you to the mods for letting me post the podcast on here every week and for anyone who has listened and downloaded the podcast and read one of our blogs on our website over the last five years.
You said we wouldn't hear from you till August. You lied.....
Hi David,

thanks for posting them! I always enjoy listening to them (even if I disagree a lot quite often with what some of the guys think!) and love that there is a podcast dedicated to Wolves, and you have been a huge part of that!
Cheers, David. You and the rest of the Fancast have been invaluable to those of us who can't get to Molineux reliably.

All the best to you, sir.
Cheers for the years you put into the fancast, David but I guess having to put up with Reeg has taken its toll! ;)
Respect sir, thanks for your past efforts. Let's hope your legacy continues for some years.