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Sunderland giving Newcastle their most vocal home end in the Cup

Sep 12, 2021
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What do people think of this?

I realise some think it is an overreaction, but for me it brings back memories of our blackest day (for me) when WBA were given the South Bank. I get that it splits our support as some still consider the North Bank the traditional Wolves home end, but that aside, the South Bank was the most vocal home end of the two. At the time, Moxey argued he had no choice, and it would cost a lot more to have split 5,000 Albion fans between the lower Steve Bull stand and a part of the South Bank.

Regards the north-east derby, the decision on allocation has now been made, Sunderland fans aren't happy.

The police and Safety Advisory Group seemingly came to two conclusions - they could either give Newcastle 2500 tickets in the upper tier, above the home fans, creating the possibility of conflict, or, Newcastle could have 6000 tickets, taking all the North stand, upper and lower, which has lots of season card holders.

Newcastle have opted for the larger allocation and Sunderland fans are furious, having not played them since 2016. Newcastle will be escorted on what is called a bubble trip.

Did Sunderland have a choice? As Wolves arguably did? I recall Arsenal disregarding the decision of the Safety Advisory Board in relation to an allocation v Spurs, and giving them a smaller allocation instead. Very little punishment was metered out. They made that decision on safety grounds. Indeed, there was much trouble after Wolves v Albion in the Cup, that might not otherwise have occurred. The ruling regards allocations of course states that the allocation for away fans has to be 15% unless 9,000 or over (so Man Utd I think are the only club who have to give less than 15%).....surprise surprise :)-.

Anyway, for me, it was the blackest day in our history and the Safety Board should have been sacked creating a very volatile situation. Could only happen at Wolves............and now Sunderland.
We've gone bust twice, one of which could genuinely have seen the end of the club.

We've been relegated to the 3rd tier 3 times and the 4th once.

We've been knocked out of the FA Cup twice by non league teams.

We've been hammered 5 at home by our biggest rivals live on tele, leading to the sacking of the manager, an embarrassing collapse and us being the laughing stock of football.

We've had managers in charge like Docherty and Hoddle openly take the piss out of the club and the fans.

We've had half the ground condemned and the other half either 100 yds from the pitch or crumbling beneath your feet.

But the blackest day in the history of the club is giving a stand away to the opposition fans? Really? Seriously? It shouldn't have happened and a PR disaster, but some perspective is needed
Who was it where Jez got the away fans capacity reduced in a Cup game to just the Bully Stand by having some work done by the South Bank and declared it wouldn't be safe to have home and away fans in that area due to the work and that was accepted as an excuse?
Probably Cambridge the year after as they would have wanted as many seats as possible in that daytripper non-league (as they were then) way.

WMP were still saying one stand only then.

Source: The guy in charge of Matchday Operations at WMP (or whatever his exact title was), who explicitly said that at a Fans' Parliament meeting that I attended and was sat no more than 3 yards away from him so I doubt I misheard.