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The Summer 2024 Transfer Thread.

Are we doing a competition to see who can get annoyed at turning down the lowest bid for Max?

I'll go with turn down £10m and I will be annoyed

Equally if we accepted a player swap with Lop's fave left back for Max I would be annoyed
I'll see your player swap, and raise you Cresswell + we pay £10m for Max
We heard the noise and then subsequent outrage at turning down Napoli’s bid for Max last year but do we know if it actually happened?

Did anyone definitely bid for him - and was it definitely that sort of money?

Or just some sort of Twitter pant-wetting bandwagon bullshit?
Had a chat with a West Ham fan this morning at breakfast here in sunny Playa Blanca
Told him to expect a lot of pragmatic 1-0 wins, he wasn’t happy.
Right, who brought back that SHIT logo?

The Moxey spin lives on...

The Portugal under-21 international becomes the club’s second signing of the summer, following the permanent capture of Tommy Doyle
Seems the word “complete” has generated the last two pages. The squad would be complete in terms of numbers but far from complete if we want anything but a grim relegation battle. By
August practically every team will have more numbers than spaces and players will be loaned out. “Complete” was a poor word to use as everyone knows we need to balance things up irrespective of how many players we currently have.
From my reading of it, he said the squad is complete on numbers but to improve quality we have to sell. Pretty much what the club have been saying for a while, not sure why anyone thinks it's controversial.