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TWF - New Rules

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Aug 10, 2011
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I think we can all agree things on here recently have got a little out of hand. The level of personal insults and pointless never ending arguments are making it a less enjoyable experience.
A few subjects are emotive and of course supporting Wolves comes with it own issues. However we should all be free to voice an opinion without fear of personal insults.
Yes we will all disagree with something posted but there is way to respond to it without attacking the person.
You will no doubt have posters on here you don't agree with, ever. That's why we have the ignore function. It's not perfect but surely its better than spending hours winding each other up.

The Mod team can't be here all the time (despite appearances they do have a life) and that has probably seen a few arguments allowed to go and on and for this the Mod team hold their hands up. Ideally this place would look after itself but that isn't happening though and we are seeing more and more threads descend in petty unreadable crap

So going forward the Mod team will be working on this basis

- Argument is getting out of hand a Mod/Admin post to say calm down and saying which posters need to either walk away or use the ignore function
- Request is ignored - Those involved will get 24 hours to cool off. Can't walk away from pointless stuff, we shall assist
- Multiple times sent off away by the Mods will start to add up the days away. 1st and 2nd time will be just the 1 day. 3rd time it will jump to 3 days, 4th time - 4 days etc .
Hit an 7th time and look forward to a month off. If you hit double figures, then it will be discussed whether you actually want to be on here.

Obviously if something is straight out ban worthy then the above stuff is ignored but as most of the stuff on here is petty arguments.

Debate, take the piss, share your opinion but please stop the direct insults and any never ending pointless argument. We are seeing a lot of people walk away from posting on the forum because of the direction it is taking.

Please don't make it that the Mods have to step in. No one wants to ban anyone, its just a forum we all use to dodge doing some work FFS but just some self control and we can all just go back to talking bollocks.
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