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TWF Player of the Season 14/15

TWF Player of the Season 14/15

  • James Henry

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  • Rajiv van La Parra

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  • Matt Doherty

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  • Scott Golbourne

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  • Lee Evans

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  • Jack Price

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  • Kortney Hause

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  • Ethan Ebanks-Landell

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  • Michael Jacobs

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  • Tomasz Kuszczak

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Jeff Shi's Bitch
Jan 14, 2010
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Wolves are doing their official vote now, think we should have a separate TWF player of the season vote. Must've made 10 league appearances.
Sako for me. Consistent impact across the whole season. Although given how the blatantly doctored vote for Henri Camara in 2004 (Alex Rae was player of the season by an absolute mile) failed to persuade him to stay maybe no-one should vote for him and we should bring a load of anti-Mali flags to the Millwall game, see if the opposite works.
Just added poll. Stearman has been ace but has to be Sako for me.
Danny Batth: like all great Generals, he has led his team from the back! :nod:
It's been a huge step up for such a young man (as Captain), but he's taken it well in his stride.
If he had been here for a full season Afobe would walk it.

Agree with that, but can't give it to him on the 'more' limited game time.

Torn between Dicko & Sako, who kept us in things early doors, and whom we missed when they were out (ACON & injuries) & Stearman.

Ultimately opted for the Stears

The heart of the team and the player that makes us tick and play well. Top of the assists for a reason and had more MOTMs than anyone else.
Dicko...goals, full of running, scares the shit out of defenders and far more consistent than Sako or McDonald.
Mention in dispatches for Stearman, had an horrendous patch around November but before and more importantly since has been mostly superb, never let the bad performances get to him
You've missed Leon Clarke off. He's on the Wolves list!

I would have gone for Afobe had he been here all season but as he hasn't I was torn between Sako and Dicko, both of whom have been excellent but have gone for Dicko due to him being our sole threat up top earlier in the season when the only alternative was Clarke, McAlinden or Cassidy
Dicko for me, his absence was a major factor in our horrific November, showing how important he was. Afobe arriving has reduced our dependence on him, but still been crucial in the last few weeks. Stearman has been very good since Xmas, but I thought he had some ropey games before that.
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The lack of a decent alternative to Dicko was the reason for our terrible November, not his absence.
Good shout for Iorfa, but I think he'd have to win the Young Player of the Year. It's between Sako and Afobe for me, but Sako edges it as he's just so exciting to watch. When he's on his game he is unstoppable. Strength, skill, powerful shot, calm under pressure. Love him :D
Stears for me. I didn't think he'd adapt to a left sided role but he's been excellent and even with a dip in form is more important to the defence than anybody thought.