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Two year plus option deal for James Henry

Good news, I'm glad he's staying. Decent player, good professional
Not good enough for where I want Wolves to be but the same can be said about the majority of our squad.

Fine for our current status and does a decent job for us in the Championship.
Agree with Sniffer.

Did this really need a fresh thread, surely keeping it in General News as per Jolemai would have been sufficient?:icon_wink:
I'm fine with this - not good enough for where we want to be (the same could be said for most of the squad), but the fact of the matter is that we're nowhere near there yet! For where we are, we need his future secured and he appears to be committed to us.
Doherty gets a longer deal???

I think that has more to do with the Andy Webster ruling. It's pretty obscure but in short; a player over 28 can force a move after 2 years if they want to and it's 3 years if they are over 21 and under 28. Hence the length of contracts. All to do with the freedom of movement in the EU.
When was his old contract up?
Good news. He's been one of our best players this season barring a shoddy 90 mins at Bolton. He was a bloody hero on Saturday as well, chased everything when we went down to 10 men. If only we had a left footed James Henry clone for the other side.
Must only talk about James Henry. No talk of anyone else now.

Oh do behave!
Ok then, what if Jackett picks Henry consistently, you know, instructs a lot of Wolves forward play to go through him, because he's a far better crosser than VLP and EEL or Iorfa so far, Ojo doesn't seem to be doing it either, so we route stuff through Henry, but our performances don't improve, is that going to push opinion of Jackett's selection process being compared unavourably to say Shteve's (when he becomes available)?
And how would we then set up under MaClaren?
think we've had enough ex England (&Irish) managers in recent years.