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Welcome to Wolves: Andy Lonergan


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Aug 10, 2011
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"Hold the arms up Andy and hide the shite Rainbow on the sleeves"
Remember him looking fantastic in a 2-2 draw with PNE, IIRC, but that was many moons ago.
Do I remember him getting beaten by a Karl Henry piledriver from outside the box (or slowish daisy cutter) in Micks second season in charge?
Fine as a back up keeper but as DW said rather be looking at someone to take Ikeme's place and be much better. Unrealistic to expect that I guess.
Welcome to him - only seen him play once from memory & wasn't overly impressed, but hopefully will improve on that.

Fulham conceeded the third highest number of goals last year so presume that the defence in front of him was poor - if he gets a chance hopefully we can give him better protection

Uninspiring signing, but probably what we have to get used to for now.
Classic lower end Championship keeper. Good shot stopper who can't control his area and is prone to the odd howler. If Ikeme gets injured/continues his shite form then it'll have to be Batth/Willo in front of him because it'd be chaos with Eel/Hause/Iorfa.
Well Jackett says he'll "complement" Ikeme and Flatt so that suggests bench warmer. Not really a surprise when our goalkeeping coach thought Ikeme had a good end to the season.
I suppose this signing just confirms that Ikeme will be first choice next season. I hope we have a cup run so Lonergan can get a few games.
We did need another GK but it seems likely we'll stick with Ikeme. Hard to predict Kenny Jackett though, just as long as it isn't as flip-floppish as Ikeme/Martinez was!
If the 2014 Ikeme comes back next season and isn't injured it's a reasonable bench warmer signing. If he plays like last season then it's not good enough, but all we were going to get.
Forgive me if i don't get excited, an average keeper to be backup to another average keeper. I know this is where we are at but surely we should still be looking to improve on Ikeme. There was a point when Martinez signed that Jackett decided we needed an improvement but for some reason doesn't now and that can't be based on last seasons performances.
It's based on money and being a limbo club. The whole philosophy of the club changed the moment Morgan locked his office and went home.
It's based on money and being a limbo club. The whole philosophy of the club changed the moment Morgan locked his office and went home.

Would taking Martinez on another seasons loan have been more costly?