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Wolves v Newport County - Capital One Cup First Round: Match Thread

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The Bear

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Oct 21, 2009
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Five changes - Ikeme, Stears, Edwards, Henry and McDonald out.






van La Parra
Le Fondre

Very surprised ALF isn't starting. Oh and Doherty at right-wing :spaz:
What the feck is Doherty doing out there?!

VLP must be in the doghouse.

Afobe captain too!
That side should absolutely annihilate Newport. Weird about VLP though.
Really hope after putting out that team that we just absolutely go to town and win 8-0... But it's the cup and we're Wolves so 1-0 loss?!
Also, Doherty on the wing? This should be fun.
Doherty is strange but pleased about the rest of the team!

Actually excited about the game now, looking forward to seeing Coady and Ojo.
Actually, maybe Iorfa is playing LW ahead of Golbourne and Ojo is RW.

That makes the most sense.
The video accompanying the team announcement on Twitter says that Doherty is on the RW.

I saw that too. I just hope it isn't some half arsed 3-5-2 with Doherty and Golbourne as wing backs and everybody else central.
I saw that too. I just hope it isn't some half arsed 3-5-2 with Doherty and Golbourne as wing backs and everybody else central.

KJ said he wanted to try something new...
Bright on the bench as well. Hopefully he gets a run out.
Jackett's always been more of a fan of Doherty than those of us on this forum - unfair on RVLP but I suppose it's one way to give him some game time.

Iorfa EEL Hause Golbourne




Afobe Dicko​

That's how I see it. Not mad at that tbh, my issue with Doherty is his defensive positioning and lack of pace. There's nothing wrong with his passing, control, crossing or link up play going forward. I think he'd be a perfectly serviceable midfielder in a 4-rhombus-2.
Ugh Slowerty on the right wing? What do we learn from that? Other than the fact he's crap there as well. I'd have accepted him at RB but in midfield it's just pointless.
Doherty where he is ??

Surprised that Le Fondre not given a start as well, though not unhappy that Newport have to face Afobe & Dicko

Rest of the team is fine
agree, strange with doherty...we really have to win this. I cannot see another outcome than a victory this year..very strong team and goalie better than ikeme IMO :)
Good that the Martinez paperwork done in time so we can see (well some of us hear) how he does fairly quickly
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