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Your top five kits

Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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No Wolves allowed on this one. Them's the rules.

For me, in order:





Good thread, needs some researching/remembering
No pictures from me yet, but the club kits I have always liked are:-

Boavista (I love the chessboard look) Please please no Spanish jokes, that has been done to death!
Newcastle United with the Blue Star when Keegan was playing there
Fiorentina (just think the colour is absolutely amazing) - probably from the time when Batigol was there.
Manchester United Sharp kit with the white shoulder segments - think it was 1985 (ish)
Sampdoria from when Platt was there
Fucking hell this is going to take some thought.
Also when did I get the reputation for shite players and kits??
You like any and all pink kits, for a start :icon_lol:

(FWIW I liked the Juve one from a couple of seasons ago)
Inter Milan from the late eighties (umbro with Pirelli as a sponsor)
Dutch 1974 kit
Denmark 1986 world cup kit (half and half with stripes - Villa copied it)
Crystal Palace white with the diagonal blue/red stripe.(early eighties ?)
France 2016 world cup kit (England should have had the negative of it)

I'll try and upload images when I'm on a computer tomorrow.

If the franchise stretches to a worst kits thread the chocolate brown Coventry kit with the stripes will get my vote.
That Coventry kit - and the Wales abomination that was identical at the time in red and yellow would win
That Coventry kit - and the Wales abomination that was identical at the time in red and yellow would win

Norwich's third from last season has to be in that convo.
I know it's universally disliked but I always liked this one