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19 Days until the fixtures...

Hereford Wolf

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Feb 15, 2011
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Who would you like to start with?

I'm going for MK Dons away.

Mmm....how many could we take? :)
MK Dons won't give us 9K again for a run of the mill league game. 5 or 6K max I reckon.
When is the first weekend?
I'd like us to start with QPR, who should still be hurting following the drop

Good shout, definitely helped us to get Norwich early last season (and indeed, all the relegated teams, although as it turned out Cardiff and Fulham were just rubbish).
I'm off work that weekend so a nice northern away game or a home game vs one of the bigger clubs would do for me. Preston away would be awesome.
Away to Fulham. Gets an away game out of the way, and we'd probably win it.
Gut feeling is Burnley away on a Friday night kick off.
QPR would do. With so many leaving plus the likes of Phillips/Austin etc getting sold I expect they will be unprepared/gelled by the start of the new season. Avoid the promoted clubs because they will be well up for it as we and Brentford were.
Think Bristol City are one to avoid early on in the season full stop.
I'd like us to start with QPR, who should still be hurting following the drop

We've got to get over for a couple of games this year Rob!
But Jim, his Dad and possibly his brother have this one marked... as well as the return fixture...!