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31 May - 2013


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Nov 26, 2009
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Two years ago today Wolves appointed Kenny Jackett as head coach. He took over with club preparing for life in league one following two successive relegations. I think it is fair to say that in two years KJ has turned the club around. I think we would all agree he has turned out be an excellent appointment. Here's to many more years with KJ at the helm.
I agree but I am not so profound in my agreement, after Saunders half the members of the forum could have saved Wolves, in their lunch hour!.

As far as Jackett is concerned, he just stepped onto the mat, for real. This season tells all.
Jacketts made a few mistakes during his tenure, but overall his effect on the club has been first class, bringing some much needed stablity and a sense of pride back to the fans and the players. He has brought in a couple of excellent signings and given some of our best young players their chance. Personally don't think he could have done much more. This coming season will define his future, if he can bring in a couple more good players I will be happy to see him stay for at least another 2 seasons even if we don't get promoted at the end of 2015/16. If we don't progress in our style and control of games and only manage mid table, then he will be under severe pressure but I'm hoping he does the business.
Spot on, Frank - I'm confident we've got the right man in charge and I hope and expect him to be around for several seasons.
Spot on, Frank - I'm confident we've got the right man in charge and I hope and expect him to be around for several seasons.

Don't get me wrong I want him to be around for a good while yet, but!!! if we get in a couple or three decent players and don't get promotion, sadly i think the powers that be will be looking to move on.

I rate him, but there were a few times this last season where his selections left me somewhat bewildered, but you guys are there so i will bow to superior knowledge on this one.
I think there is 1 key point which we need to remember whilst we assess the KJ tenure: The 78 points tally we finished with would have seen us finish well within the top 6 in any of the 46 game seasons since the increase in the 1988/89 season. We can point to a number of potential mistakes where we have dropped points, but ultimately we have been very unlucky to have missed out on the playoffs.
It wasn't unlucky, we were the 7th best team in the division over 46 games and therefore didn't make the playoffs. History is irrelevant. The league was terrible outside the top 8,hence the higher point scoring
Of course it was unlucky. We got the highest points total EVER to have not made it.
Millwall and Blackpool just flooded the rest of the table with extra points, as did Wigan to some extent, you couple that with a lack of runaway leader hoovering them all up and you end up with a highly inflated mid-table.
And midtable was also shit. Hence the massive gap from 8th. 14pts between 8th and 10th