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Banned users list

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Oct 16, 2009
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manhattan project - permament.

For abusing posters and moderators. Permament as he has had significant warnings/bans before.

Agreed by Me, Langers, Kenny, Paddington Penk, ROVERT47

Because his wife doesn't want him arsing around on the internet for the next 7 days or so.

For threatening another member. 7 Days.

Agreed by Me, Kenny, Rovert47, Jinky, FrankMunro-371 & Langers.
keeptheexitsclear, 3 days for abusing other members.

Agreed by Me, Frank, Paddy and Kenny.
keepthexitsclear, 1 month for abusing other members via PM

Agreed by Me, Langers, Paddy & Frank
Keeptheexitsclear- Permanent

Reason- Abusing other members.

Agreed by - Langers, Rovert47, Kenny, The Bear, FrankMunro-371 and Paddingtonwolf
Badwolf trying to dodge the ban hammer (previously banned as KTEC)
Wolf Hunting - 14 days.

Reason - Unacceptable comments about an opposing player.

Agreed by - Rovert47, Visage, Paddington Wolf, Kenny and FrankMunro-371
DejaVuWolf - 30 days for persistent wummery.

Agreed by me, Kenny, Langers and many, many others.
BlueSkies - permanent ban as he has been previously banned before.

Agreed by me, Penk, Bear, Trev
Paddington Wolf - banned for 7 days for abusing other members.

Agreed by me, Vis, Penk, Trev, Bear
Wolf Hunting - three days for abusing other members. Agreed by me, Paddy, Kenny.
Johnny75 - Banned for seven days for abusing other members.

Agreed by Visage, Penk Wolf, FrankMunro-371, Langers and Paddingtonwolf.
Sea Bass, permanent, agreed by me Paddington and Kenny, reason, read his posts.
Franny the Spam

For saying Matt Doherty is a good player. Banned before he moved onto Dave Edwards obvs
Johnny75, 7 days, needs to address his anger issues.

Agreed by me, Kenny, Paddington Wolf, Jinky, Langers.
THM, Two weeks for repeated use of inflammatory language. Agreed by Kenny, Trevor and myself.
LondonBob, for persistent wummery. Agreed by Penk, bear, Kenny, me and others...
ProgWolf, Permanent for abusing other members. Agreed by Me, Kenny and Pad.

Also Johnny75 has been given 3 days off from the Current Affairs threads for similar (albeit lesser) actions.
Too add to tbe banning reasons. 1 member was also removed as they had previously been banned and reregistered to avoid that ban. So regardless of other reasons the previous banning is the trump card.
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