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Best moments of the 14/15 season :)


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Mar 12, 2015
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Soo whats been ur best moments of the season ive had a couple but i would like to hear urs :)

some of mind would be

Wolves fans at Derby celebrating for no reason :) "lets pretend we scored a goal........... YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" :) classic
Sako taking the p*ss away at Nottingham Forest and singing to there winger "ur just a sh*t bakery sako"
TK celebrating when we score that dude goes mad lol
Wolves fans at Wigan (well most of them) really rubbing it in to wigan fans
The Sir Jack Tribute and winning the match - The best atmosphere at wolves for years
Jackett camera shy interviews (the guy never looks forward somethings lol)
Sako's goal at millwall a game we give away but that first half was immense.
Leon Clarke scoring at Leeds for the winner just for laughs

Well time to build and prepare for a promotion push next year :)
I liked all the times we put the ball in the back of the net.

The rest, meh.
Blackburn away and "We all dream of a team of Dave Edwards...."
Huddersfield away and "Richard Stearman;Football genius!"
Forest away, and the introduction of "its magic.." plus Beniks great goal.
The magic song against leeds was amazing.

Finally, the undisputed highlight of the season for me; leaving the North Bank and moving to the South Bank!
For me the best single moment of the season was James Henry's last second 30 yarder vs Bolton. The actual game wasn't great and it was a shit day though.

Leeds, Forest, Wigan, Huddersfield and Blackburn were awesome away days. Leon Clarke's winner vs Leeds and the half time scrum at Wigan away were particular highlights.

Blakpool at home as well. The club really did themselves proud with the tributes to Sir Jack and the South Bank at the end were just amazing.
The magic song going on forever in the Southbank when we played Leeds.
1 Ending the Huddersfield Hoodoo
2. Stuffing Blackburn home and away
3. TK goal celebrations- decaffeinated coffee for you sir!
4. The form of Afobe- potentially best Wolves signing this century
5 Shipping fat Leon out on loan
6 Bye Bye to JOH and RJ- JOH collecting a fourth relegation on his CV ( Portsmouth Wolves x 2 and Blackpool)
7 The form of Iorfa
Iorfa, Hause and Afobe are the real highlights from this season going forward. As is the continued form of Dicko into the Championship.
Bloody good season, looking back at some of these memories. Roll on August.
Leeds at home was fantastic, unbelievable atmosphere!

Fulham away at the start of the season was great (and in the cup despite the game!) when we realised we were going to be a decent team at this level. Evans was wonderful that evening.
The signing of Afobe and the impact it had on our goal scoring prowess
The tribute to Sir Jack
Henry's winner at Bolton
Edwards winner vs Leeds

I cannot to tell you how tedious that sounds every week. Internecine warfare between stands really helps the team. Not to worry, the South Bank are just brilliant as they like to remind everyone.
First game of the season beating a Premier relegated team & having hope for what was to come
The South Bank for the Leeds game - awesome noise & a last minute win (don't care about the cock ups beforehand - the late winner was worth it)
Emergence of Iorfa & Hause (particularly the former)
Sir Jack's match v Blackpool - despite still having to use 1 crutch just had to be there

(in the event to balance this am putting up my worst moment - 3hrs of travelling (there & home) to an away game that's less than 30 miles away due to traffic & road closures & having to witness a shit defeat at Bournemouth)
I cannot to tell you how tedious that sounds every week. Internecine warfare between stands really helps the team. Not to worry, the South Bank are just brilliant as they like to remind everyone.

noted but its better than not singing at all, it used to be fun during matches with the north bank and south bank chants but they died when they rebuilt the NB and to be fair the south bank hardly sung it all season and the SB is the only place proper singing comes from at molineux now adays since the NB feel asleep soo we aplogize for actually creating an atmosphere at molineux we will be quiet like we are in church....
Now that I agree with Dazza. I think it would be far better if next season we can get BOTH stands singing.