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Help required

malta mick

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May 20, 2010
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I want to order a shirt for a mates birthday, but having difficulty placing order to be posted out here in Malta. Could anyone help by ordering shirt for me and posting out themselves to me - all costs will be met of course.
If so let me know and i'll give details etc.
Drop me a PM Mick if you want although not living near a Wolves Club Shop may be a problem...
If anyone else offers then snap their hand off
A public thank you to Mike (Darlo) for ordering the shirt and reposting out to me.
Something the club should note though is postage charges. They charged £6 to post a t shirt within UK, and yet to post same shirt out to me in Malta only cost £3-95
Not the way to encourage online orders to supporters !!
You're welcome Mick, happy to help.
I must admit the club really needs to look at their mailing price structure. A t-shirt that weighs next to nothing and it costs £6, UK mainland only yet I could order loads of stuff and pay the same. They also need to realise that Wolves have many fans around the world yet they barely cater for them..
I have to do the same for my brother if he wants a West Ham shirt out in Oz. From my recollections Newcastle are no different. Clubs really not looking after their overseas fans.
perhaps it could be raised at a Fans Parliament meeting next time. Malta itself has quite a large fanbase and may be order more merchandise if ordering and postage costs were looked at.