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Huddersfield vs Wolves Matchday Thread

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Jan 18, 2010
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Ikeme, Coady, Iorfa, Batth, Doherty; Price, Edwards, Saville; Mason, Wallace, Bodvarsson.
As has been said elsewhere surprising starting 11 but can't argue with it yet
wtf - edwards and Saville midfield - its KJ team apart from Bod !!
Oops, classic two matchday threads at the exact same moment again.
Forward line deserve their places after the Birmingham game, but really surprised at that midfield and defense. Henry on the bench over John is a strange one too.
Also the front three of Bod, Mason and Wallace destroyed Blues second half. No real worries there.
Well that's uninspiring. I still can't believe Dave Edwards gets a shirt. I'd like to have seen Tex start along with CBJ as they are all clearly better than what is on the pitch in their respective positions but I understand a manager not wanting to change a winning team too much.
Edwards is a nothing player anyway, runs around a bit but that's it. Saville hasn't been too bad, would have preferred Prince for Edwards but I have faith that WZ will change it if needs be.
Ugh. Edwards. I'd rather have Coady there with Doherty right back and CBJ left back. Ah well.
Edwards and Saville makes baby Jesus Cry. Either of those could have been replaced with Tex instead.

Ready for kick-off. Come on me babbies!

I still have a feeling we're going to lose though!!
If we're not careful, we could be dead and buried before he gets chance to get the better players on the pitch.
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