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Rotherham (A) Matchday thread

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Wolf Hunting

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Jan 31, 2010
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Friends over from Burton but they've gone out for lunch. May get a chance to partake in a bit of this.
Shocking weather here, a bit rocky at Millmoor? Looks like the whole game will be carried out in persistant rain with a mildish but strong wind blustering around the place.
Not a day for pretty football then.
Alf in, Afobe out. Eel in for Williamson.
TEAM | Ikeme; Iorfa, Batth (c), Ebanks-Landell, Golbourne; McDonald, Price, Henry, Edwards, Graham; Le Fondre. #WWFC

SUBS | McCarey, Doherty, Coady, Byrne, Wallace, Holt, Afobe. #RUFCvWWFC
Afobe dropped. Probably been due it to be fair.
Is this Ken the Genius having a "yeah, well, they always score against their old club" moment?

Benik Afobe: worth £12m in August, dropped by December. Is there anything we've got right this season?
Afobe dropped. Probably been due it to be fair.

Not due. Not a good decision. Afobe is the best striker in this league and Wolves are successfully ruining him by not giving him the opportunity to shine.

Anyway, the Bridge Inn is a nice pub....

Come on Wolves.
Afobe dropped. Probably been due it to be fair.

Yeah of course he does. It's his fault that he's playing upfront on his own with little to no service. More 40 yard punts to ALF's head it is then.
Five goals in seven games so we persist in playing ONE striker. Against MK Dons and Rotherham.

Just go away Ken.
Getting us used to a starting XI without Afobe for January. Really, why have I come here?
Ok that's the final straw for me KJ out!!

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"Dear Wolves, I'd like to hand in my resignation....Please see the team sheet
Defeat today - possibly even a draw - must surely be the end for Jackett?
Nail in the coffin - just need someone with a hammer....
Looks like a Wolves nil or one selection so we just hope Rotherham dont create many chances.
Absolutely pathetic selection. Jesus. Why is it so fucking hard to play Afobe and Le Fondre together? Playing Dave Edwards instead is fucking scandalous.
I wonder if Dean Saunders would come back?

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the problem again caused because Edwards has to be fitted in. Terrible decision......................even if he scores a winner.
We play hoof ball so we play the smallest player in the club!! It would be ok if we played creative outlets behind him but we are playing Edwards and wingers!!

Absolute joke.

Even still, Rotherham are shit and we should still win.
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