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Sheffield Wednesday 4 - Wolves 1 - a poor attempt at playing football verdict thread

Happy Christmas Ken. Here's your P45.
I'm going to give the verdict the same effort as the team put in today. Time to go Kenny.
embarrassing, the manner of defeat in the last two games, to sides that are fair to good, rather than outstanding is disgraceful. Ebanks-Landell and Batth is an appalling partnership.
No justification for not sacking the manager now. Though I hope not to be replaced with Holloway - the last manager you want for a team that can't defend.
some major changes required to try and break this losing habit.
when we're winning KMac is a good player, but where we are now is a luxury we can do without. Lets make our midfield more combative (if we can) as its not as if the current incumbents are creating 10 chances per game.
Lacking in ideas, lacking in fight, lacking in skills and seriously lacking in confidence.
What a perplexing game!
How do you get from last season to this?
I mean just what the fuck does Jackett say to the guys that brings us to this spot?
Where do you start after that shambles?

My Xmas list

1. New manager
2 New owner
3, 5 new players of championship quality

No more Holt, Doherty, EEL, . They are not championship standard. You could add several others to that list. We are in almost as bad a state as we were with Saunders except we dont have the wage bill. I take little comfort in such mediocre progress if you can call it that.

I really fear that we will lose quality players in January as head will be turned. Fulham for Macdonald, Norwich for Afobe, premier club for Iorfa. Then people like ALF will go back, Williamson may not want to come and we struggle to recruit again. But hey ho we are in profit. Shambles

Of the managers that are available I would give it to Pearson. He can defend and he will rule with an iron rod taking no truck. Just getting us to stay up would be his first task and on current form thats no mean feat
This is the first time in ages that I've not gone to a game in Yorkshire and I'm glad I didn't! Really Kenny, thanks a lot but please resign and go with your head held high
I literally went and cleaned the bathroom. Cleaning the bog was more enticing than following the live blog any longer.

I'm gutted for Kenny it's like being in a relationship and losing the spark.. I don't resent or dislike him we just both need that clean break now.
Said the other day that EEL is now matching Doherty for worst senior player on the books - honestly feels like we need to get at least two, maybe even three new defenders.

That four-year deal for Doherty looks ever more embarrassing by the week.
I hope KJ resigns rather then get the sack, appreciate greatly what he's done up to this season. Having said that it seems to me our main problem this season has been central defence, apart from when Williamson was here we have been appalling, any 2 from Eel, Baath and Hause are just too inexperienced or lacking in leadership/organizational qualities, Stearman may have had his faults but it seems we could really do with him now. I think any of the three youngsters have potential but together they are a bombscare.
Feel sorry for the fans that went today. Wolves should give them their money back. £33 to lose 4-1 to Sheff Wed.
Couldn't care less whether KJ resigns or is sacked as long as he goes, we are a joke at the minute and i maintain this squad is not a 17th in the Championship squad even with Batth and EEL playing centre back.