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Silverbug is the new sponsor


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Apr 26, 2011
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Better than BluCig.

I always thought it looked like a pushchair logo around on the hoardings around the ground.
It looks like a chode.
Changing their logo from red to black - good.

Looks fine to me. Hope the shirt is decent.

"The Solution – Stage 1: Getting the basics right"

"A win in 1954 against the strong Turkish champions Budapest Honvéd was the inspiration for the creation of the European Cup" :whistle:
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Unfortunately not, based somewhere in india so might take them a while

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It does look like a fancy cock ring with knacker supports!
It does look like a fancy cock ring with knacker supports!

...Glad it wasn't just me that thought that. Shame JOH isn't still playing for us...
How can a company that made less than £135k profits afford to sponsor a football team?