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The Kids Thread

Wolf Hunting

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Jan 31, 2010
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I don't think this exists anywhere else (if it does, can you press your Merge button?), but as a number of us have kids at varying ages and also to keep the stuff together and tidy up the forum somewhat, I thought I'd start this....
The excellent 'Thought I never Knew I'd Have Until I had Kids' might come under this, but this would be a good bit wider than just that...

1st off, I was thinking that Langers might be 1st in with an answer, but please anyone else...

As my 8 month old Susie is starting to become interested in the Kids channel, is there/are there any decent cartoons or progs suitable for Susie other than Sponge Bob Square Pants and all of the rest of that American shite?

Is there a Dennis the Menace cartoon or any of that era?
Wasn't there a girls version kind of similar?
Also, is there anything you can do to encourage teething?
She's been teething now for around 7 months but absolutely no sign....
An 8 month old girl would probably be more interested in Peppa Pig.

I thought teething rings help cut the gums for teeth to get through.
Cbeebies is probably the best bet at that age followed by Peppa Pig, they soon get fed up of that though when they reach about three, then it's all American shite although I love the Regular Show.
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Not a lot you can do for teething. Just teething rings and your fingers to chew on.

CBeebies all the way for Ava (shes 10 months old). She loves the theme tunes more than the actual show, Get Squiggling and Tweenies on loop do your nut in after a while though.
Postman Pat was always a favourite in our house. The new lot aren't as good though.
Put Wolves dvd's on. She'll either go to sleep or start swearing at the tv.
Postman Pat was always a favourite in our house. The new lot aren't as good though.

Ah yes, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine... Those sort of animations would be good, mind you, she is only 8 months old...

Was there actually a cartoon called 'Minnie The Minx'??
It was in the Beano but no idea if it ever got animated.
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CBeebies is pretty good actually. Rastamouse, In The Night Garden, 64 Zoo Lane are Bea's favourites.
The new Topsy and Tim on cbeebies is good, mainly because their mum is hot.
Some CBeebies stuff is fine - I like Nina and the Neurons, and Swashbuckle is a good laugh. But some of the stuff on there is fucking dire. More often than not, we stick to DVDs so you can at least vet out the shows which you simply can't abide (Waybuloo, Gigglebiz, Let's Play, Carrie and Dave's Pop Shop are all brain zappingly AWFUL).

Yesterday, we watched Star Wars (Episode IV) with the kids for the first time which was ace. And at my son's Christmas fete, they bought a DVD at the jumble sale - Dogtanian.
Cbeebies is the way to go and afraid Peppa Pig as well for the next 3 years or so if my daughter is anything to go, she has just moved on to Scooby Doo now though and the Disney shite.

2 years old son couldn't give a fuck about anything on tv until recently, then one day when I was going through the sports channels he saw the wrestling and he loved it! (Maybe not a good thing, can see problems down the line, but it keeps him quiet for the moment).