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The Photography Thread


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Oct 21, 2009
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Is there anybody else into photography. I've only been doing it for a few months and mainly only railway stuff (Fook off Kenny), but I'm interesting in getting into the day to day stuff, animals, insects, buildings etc etc. Would love to see if there is an interest from peeps on here especially the overseas peeps...
Just a few of my railway efforts that I quite like. However I do want to try and do other stuff as I mentioned above.



And a shot that I fooked about with tonight.

I think It's Big Blue Wolf, who put some great pictures on MolMix. He used to post on here, but I'm not sure he does anymore.

I haven't seen any train spotting photos though.
Its 2013 my dear people should have screens bigger then 19 inches ;-)
Now those are photo's. Brilliant Nando. I have a panaroma of the Eagles Next in Bavaria somewhere. Not sure it of the quality as it was taken from an Iphone.
Haven't done much in the past year or so, wanting to get back into it again this summer. Hoping I haven't posted these previously, but here are a few from whatever pics are available on my website. Mine aren't quite as 'epic' as the ones posted above, I haven't really taken any interesting landscape pics.





I'm a big fan of nature/macro photography.





Nando-- love the mountains.

These are all quite excellent photos. I'm not exactly an expert photographer so I hope I don't come off as patronizing, but your grasp of framing and angles is quite good for a beginner. I don't particularly like them as I don't care about trains, but you've done a great job presenting the subject matter; snowy one in particular.
growing up in the advertising game i was taught to think in thirds.
Divide the picture into either 3 vertical or 3 horizontal boxes in your head and look at what you have in each segment, and find a way to balance them out so each has something in it, not necessarilly as profound as in the other two.

Quirk your snow scene does this, with the path running through the left hand third , leading the eye to the mountain top in the centre third. As i think Tech said earlier, you are already framing pictures really well, way to go sir.

In a lot of good pictures you will often find the main source of the shot is either in he left or right verical segment for example, with something to balance or contrast it in the other two thirds.

Hope that makes sense, i wil try to find some examples tonight and post them if i can.
Some of these are stunning - there are some talented bastards on here!!
99% of mine are of my kids, though I did take a good photo at Glastonbury in the mud that I've had framed. I'll try and find it and post it.
The South Tyrol one is amazing.